The art of shoemaking

Each and every of our dress shoes of the Crownhill Shoes collection is imprinted with the essence of a centuries-old tradition that still survives thanks to the skill of the best craftsmen in the world.

Everything started with a draw

The first stage of the manufacture of a shoe implies visualizing what will be its final design. Choosing the type of skin and each of the materials with which we are going to make it is as important as selecting the most suitable form in which to be mounted.

The leather our main protagonist

Coming from the best tanneries in Europe and displaying an enviable softness, resilience and elasticity, they are subjected to a meticulous cutting process in which the human factor seems indispensable to achieve the best finish.

The hardworking in the details

The light brogue in each of our pieces of leather that is part of the footwear as well as sew and assemble them manually suppose a real challenge for the artisanal masters, that require all of their skills to make a pair of shoes with a finish so exquisite.

The union of pattern and last

Shaping the cut by attaching it over the last is a process almost as laborious as fixing the insole to the upper, which requires all the skill of the craftsman and of course a special machinery for sewing that has remained unchanged for decades and which is synonym of tradition.

The strenght Goodyear construction

If there’s something that revolutionized the traditional techniques was without a doubt the method of the Goodyear construction, that gave a step forward in the quality of manual process that can see how the double sewing makes the different parts make into one with a sole.

The effectiveness of blake construction

It has an unique stitching, that connects the body of the shoe to the sole and this process would be impossible to perform manually; It allows the footwear to have a harder resistance, especially compared to any other techniques based on the sticked of different parts.

The care of the finishing and packaging

Our artisans take care the last details of every shoe, painting them according to the coloration, feeding the leather with special creams and polishing them until it acquires the needed shine.