The care of the finishing and packaging

The last phase of the trip is far away from being the less important, in fact is the main key of the experience of our customers due to the fact that includes giving final strokes to a footwear that needs to be worn according to the quality of the materials and the excellence of the fabrication process. For this reason, our artisanal take care the last details of every shoe, painting them according to the coloration, feeding the leather with special creams and polishing them until it acquires the needed shine. After a hardworking quality control in order to be sure that no damage or deterioration has been made in each model, it needs to go through packaging first in a protector cotton bag and then with the final box where is delivered.

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Follow us in each of the stages involved in the process of making handmade shoes through a series of videos that will make you understand why it is considered an art.