Q1.-When will I receive my order?

You will receive a confirmation of your order via email as soon as the order has been received. Crownshill Shoes despatchs all products that are AVALIABLE IN STOCK within the next 3-4 working days. Please read the “Shipping Information” for delivery times. For international shipments, Crowhnhill Shoes may not be responsible for the delays that might come.

Q2.-How do I know if the shoes are my size?

Crownhill Shoes uses the European standard size, but to provide our customers the best purchase, we have included a table of equivalence of international sizes which you can know the exactly size. We also can advise you on this in customerservice@crownhillshoes.com.

Q3.-Where can we send your Crownhill Shoes products?

Crownhill Shoes offers an international shipping service. However, certain objects have restrictions when sending them to some destinations because they don’t accept imports or we are not allowed to export them to the specific destination. If any issue with the shipping destination chosen arises, we will contact you immediately.

Q4.-At what time are the goods delivered?

The delivery will be from 9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday). If you are not at home when the order arrives, the delivery company will leave the instructions to reach you and come back the next following day on the time that best suits you. Orders shipped on Friday are not delivered, will be delivered the next following Monday or the next business day.

Q5.-What happens if my order arrives damaged?

If your order arrives damaged, please notify us the problem immediately via customerservice@crownhillshoes.com. Crownhill Shoes has an insurance policy that covers all damages in the products during its shipping.

Q6.-How can you order a product which size is not available?

If there is no size available for the product you want to buy, you can order it clicking on “request size not available” and then choose the model and size on the display. You can also request it by email directly to customerservice@crownhillshoes.com. When your order is available, we will contact you before shipping it.

Q7.-How secure is Crownhill Shoes Online shopping platform?

We use high-level software SSL encryption and all purchases and transactions are protected by 128 – bit SSL encryption programs.

Q8.-Which is the reason why my credit card has been rejected?

Your credit card may be rejected for many reasons:

  1. Your credit card is not activated for the online shopping. Please, get in touch with your bank in order to activate it.
  2. Your credit card may be expired. It is important to check that your card doesn’t exceed the date of your expiration.
  3. You may have reached your credit card limit. Please, check with your bank that you don’t have exceeded your daily limit of purchases.
  4. You may have entered a wrong number or code. Make sure you complete all the fields.
  5. If your credit card has not been issued by your bank in the same country you are making the purchase, it won’t authorize the purchase through the payment getaway of the bank.

Q9.- Do you repair shoes?

We can make the recrafting of the Joh. Rendenbach leather soles of our Premium Grade Line. However, we do not make universal reparations of our shoes, for these cases we always recommend going to the local cobbler.

Q10.- Which is the difference between the Premium Line and the Classic Line?

The Premium range have our top quality shoes. It is made with a Goodyear Welted construction, and leather soles of Joh. Rendenbach, mounted in boxcalf premium leather of the best quality.

The classic line have a mixed sole, between leather and rubber, mounted with a Blake construction. These are elegant shoes with excellent leathers and with a competitive quality-price range.

Q11.- What is the delivery time of my shoes?

If we are talking abaout a pair of shoes that is available in our shop and you can make the order before 17:00h you will receive your shoes between 3-7 days if it is outside Spain or Portugal. If we don't have it available in the shop, it will take between 5 to 10 working days before receiving it. If we had to fabricate the shoe, this needs an artisanal process that guarantees the best quality possible, you will have it between 45 and 55 working days.

Q12.- Will I get the tracking number of my order?

Absolutely. Once the package leaves our shop, you will receive a tracking number with the company of the delivery, so you can track anytime your package.

Q13.- Do you make international shippings to all the counties? Which is the price?

You can visit the website to see the countries of delivery. The shipping to Spain and Portugal is free for orders of more than 75 euros and for the rest of countries is free in orders of more of 100 euros. For international delivery outside Europe the taxes of the country of origin related to the importation of products will be charged to the buyer in destin. You can get more information in our link of shipping and returns.

Q14.- How can I make a change of size or model?

Crownhill Shoes gives you the opportunity to replace your dress shoes. If you live in Spain and Portugal, the collection of the shoes and the subsequent shipment of the replacement are free. For the rest of Europe, the costs associated with the return of the footwear will be borne by the customer, although the cost of the new shoes will not be incurred. For non-EU countries, the customer must pay both the return and the shipping of the new number.

To make a change of footwear pack the shoes that do not fit in a neutral packaging, without stickers or bar codes. The product must be in perfect condition. We will not allow changes of shoes with the soles marked nor the skin flexed, so try to test them on a carpeted surface. Contact us at customerservice@crownhillshoes.com or at phone number 915296765 and tell us the shoe model, the size you want and the pick up address. We will send you a messenger who will give you the correct footwear and pick up the one that you do not find comfortable in the normal delivery times.

Q15.- Are the returns free?

If you have changed your mind you can leave the product in the store or send it by mail, assuming the costs associated with the return, packed in its original box as received. We will not accept returns of shoes with marked soles or bent skin, so try to try them on a carpeted surface. Once we receive it and check that everything is in its original state we will proceed to make the return by transfer.

Q16.- What are the payment methods allowed?

You can pay by credit or debit card - Visa and MasterCard are accepted, American Express not - and by PayPal. In case you wish to make a transfer you should contact customerservice@crownhillshoes.com by sending an email.

Q17.- What is the difference between the model The Chicago and The New York?

The main difference is in the last of the shoe. The Chicago is assembled with our Crawford mold, designed specifically for those customers with wider and lower insteps. New York, for its part, is more stylish, elegant men's shoes that tend to fit better on more curved or pronounced insoles.

Although aesthetic have many similarities, the Chicago have a seam around the closure very common in Oxford models lacking the New York, whose line is somewhat more sober and smooth.