Zapatos Spectators de mujer

The roaring twenties are back

We introduce the new models just added to our women collection. Three shoes inspired by the classic Spectators but redefined to be adapted to current trends. A unique style and great versatility that brings a very exclusive and sophisticated touch to our most urban look.

The Ankara

Spectators in black and white for women

The most classicist version of the Spectators shoes, a model that bases its appeal on the contrast of black and white and that lends itself to multiple combinations. A good option when it comes to composing a daytime casual look.

The Damasco

Spectators in brown and white for women

It maintains the formal features of the Oxford shoes but also the elegance typical of the wing tip line, with that characteristic cut in the throat on a W shape and the brogue in the seams and the toe.

The Katmandu

Spectators monkstrap style for women

The classic design of the Spectators has been the topic of multiple versions, each more daring. One of the most persuasive is the one that incorporates the line of Monkstrap double buckle, all a waste of personality and good taste in whose preparation has been careful to the last detail.

What is the origin of Spectators Shoes?

Although it is a model conceived as cricket shoes, with those darker skin pieces at the toe and in the area of the tongue to conceal the dirt that accumulated in the shoes during the game, it was not until well into the century XX when they were accepted as dress shoes.

Although they were too striking for the taste of the British gentlemen, it was in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s that they achieved their greatest popularity, becoming one of the great icons of the style so unmistakable of these decades. His presence in the music scene was very prominent, influencing an entire generation of jazz and swing artists during the golden age of these genres, as well as gangster movies, a look that still remains a reference for both the More daring than the nostalgic ones and now makes the leap to trends in women's fashion.