In love with our lasts

Part of what makes Crownhill Shoes unique and exclusive is the wide range of lasts that we have in order to satisfy all kinds of tastes of our most exigent clients and to create the perfect adjustment to your feet. Using an incorrect size may not only cause discomfort in the short time, but it can also cause a problem that you may carry with your for the rest of your life.


Our shoes are especially recommend because of the special comfort by wearing our patent Flexicomfort system that makes that putting on one of our shoes will make it a luxury even for the most delicate feet. In this manner, your own foot will record his own mark on our socking sole which will have a shoe as ergonomic as possible and fully adapted to your foot.


Crownhill Shoes uses the European sizing; however you can see the equivalence of sizes in our table in order to check which your correct size is. Our sizes go from 38 to 48 in men, having also the possibility of place an order of half sizes. This is especially indicated for the use of loafer which the perfect sizing is a must, due to the lack of buckles or laces to fasten.

You can see the differences of each last below in order to find the best one that is adapted to your foot:

Goodyear Welted lasts

Crownhill Shoes uses three different types of lasts for the construction of the Goodyear Welted models.

Faraday Last

The Faraday last is elongated and ends in a slightly semi square tip toe. It is ideal for people with a lot instep fit, as it is high and wide. However, we do not recommend this form to people with wide toe, as it may not be particularly comfortable at the back of the fingers.

The Faraday will bring a touch of class to the shoes thanks to its streamlined shape and his toe in decline, also known as shaped chisel. This is ideal for mounting from moccasins, monkstraps or Oxfords in order to give them original and elegance.

Shoes fabricated in our Faraday last

Lennon last

The Lennon is an elongated shape ending in a round, slightly tapered and recessed toe. Classical form as they come is ideal for plains Oxfords, brogues or shoes with buckles. It has a high instep, making it especially suitable for people who have pronounced this part of the foot. The Lennon is also a wide width, so that people who have a fairly wide foot will also find their ideal fit this mold.

Any shoe mounted on the Lennon last gives elegance and classicism to any of its looks. It is the perfect choice for some shoes to go with to the office, go to a wedding or any other look that you want to give a classic touch.

Shoes fabricated in our Lennon last

Nelson last

Every shoe that is made with a Nelson last will have a stylized finish that the perfect gentleman will certainly appreciate. This is a fairly long and finished in a rounded tip and somewhat sharper than the Wallace last. It has in turn high and marked walls, giving a unique appearance. Your instep is generous making it very comfortable to wear.

The Nelson is ideal for penny or tassels, buckles or Oxfords shoes. It is not surprising that it is the form used in most models of the Premium collection, hence the extraordinary fit and versatility of our star range. The Nelson last gets that any shoe will pass unnoticed.

Shoes fabricated in our Nelson last

Blake construction last

We have wider and more narrow lasts, although all of them have a high instep for better fit.

Crawford lasts

It is the form par excellence of our classic collection. It has a rounded toe and slightly recessed. The Crawford last is somewhat more elongated than the Wellesley, which will get a stylized look to any shoe with buckles or Oxford that is mounted on it. In addition, the Crawford enjoys a wide instep, so you will always be comfortable wearing any shoes made on this form.

It is perfect for a full brogue, monkstrap or cap toe oxford. Its shape and cut make it very suitable in a shoe to carry to a ceremony, a formal event or to go to the office.

Shoes fabricated in our Crawford last

Wellesley last

The Wellesley is shorter and with a round sharp tip, so that the result is a more compact form visually and with a bit edge than the Crawford. All this makes it perfect for mounting and with Balmoral Chukka boots.

This last has a wide instep and subtly marks the shank, making it the ideal also for penny loafers, and even the Oxfords tassel. The Wellesley is certainly one of our most versatile and popular lasts.

Shoes fabricated in our Wellesley last

Wallace last

The Wallace is the last of choice for any type of moccasin. It is very rounded, with little relief and low instep for maximum ease of fit. The Wallace is also quite wide so that you will find it very comfortable to wear. It is ideal for summer moccasins, as the driver, or light shoe. It is a short form that you will find the most suitable for spring and summer.

Shoes fabricated in our Wallace last

Women's lasts in Blake construction

All of our women's shoes are made with the same last

Dickens last

Our Lady quintessential form is elongated and marks the walls in your toe. The Dickens is also flat on the side of the shoe upper and high in the instep, making it ideal for a good fit of boots. The tip toe is something sharp and lowered, giving it a sharp look to any shoe that is built with this last.

The Dickens is perfect with Oxford shoes, buckles and half boots or booties. Being closer to the part of the toe, it is not the best choice for people with foot wide at the back of the fingers. This form will not go unnoticed and class and elegance to any shoe that is mounted on it.

Shoes fabricated in our Dickens last