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For this shoe, our shoemakers will follow a strict artisanal process that guarantees the highest quality to fabricate a shoe that represents the best spanish shoe tradition and the English classicism.

To maintain this quality standard manufacture, each pair of shoes follows a very careful process during 45 - 55 working days, in which we have as a result an unique and exclusive product.

We are aware that the wait can bee too prolonged, but only one product that is fabricated with such love and care, following an artisanal tradition inherited from generations, results in shoes with a soul and passion that can be seen right out of the box and that you will enjoy for many years.


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"Saphir Suede Stain Remover"

100ml bottle with an applicator brush included.
It’s a stain remover with an exclusive dissolvent formula and a base item to clean the leather.It removes and cleans perfectly all the stains and dirtiness from the shoes or any leather goods.

Saphir Omninettoyant Medaille d’Or is a high quality product to treat on any suede, nubuck or velvety kind of shoes. It also refreshes the original colour.
The Saphir Omninettoyant it’s not suitable for smooth leather. For any smooth leather, we recommend Saphir Renomat to clean and restore the leather with any damages or changes on the leather finishing.


- For the right use of the product we advise to mix small amount of Saphir Omninettoyant with the same amount of warm water to dip the applicator brush ready to rub above the stained leather.
- After rubbing with the applicator brush, rinse it out on clean water to brush again the leather till the foams disappear.
- Finally, after drying the surface, it’s important to brush with a Saphir Brass Metal Brush to restore the original suede leather texture. We also recommend The Saphir Invulner Waterproof spray of Medaille d’Or to protect the shoes from any further damages of the leather.

"The minimalist design makes The Rangoon a versatile shoe"

The Rangoon is a classic Derby spoils of British origin, but thanks to cognac have managed to create a stylish and edgy footwear specimen inside the woman. Thanks to the English fashion, we not only got durability and comfort, but also a minimalist design that makes The Rangoon an extremely versatile piece.

The boots are still more relevant than ever. The Rangoon can be combined with almost any clothing and can transform a simple look in an enviable look. The easiest way to show off their The Rangoon is with jeans. But note that you must use a pair of jeans that perfectly conform your body. As icing on a more casual look, you can also combine The Rangoon with black leggings.

The Rangoon is an ankle boot with laces made following a completely artisanal process and following a Blake construction. Cut with box calf of the first quality and mounted in our Dickens last, we obtain a more stylized and with a tip slightly sharpened, but with a wide shoe uppers to make the fitting more comfortable. Inside the shoe is lined with leather vegetable tanned calf. The sole leather is tanned with oak, ideal for wet surfaces embedded slip Spy. Moreover, with our patented FlexiComfort we guarantee comfort and adaptability in every step.
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