Luxury Wax Paste Neutral


Wax | 50 ml | Smooth Leather



For this shoe, our shoemakers will follow a strict artisanal process that guarantees the highest quality to fabricate a shoe that represents the best spanish shoe tradition and the English classicism.

To maintain this quality standard manufacture, each pair of shoes follows a very careful process during 45 - 55 working days, in which we have as a result an unique and exclusive product.

We are aware that the wait can bee too prolonged, but only one product that is fabricated with such love and care, following an artisanal tradition inherited from generations, results in shoes with a soul and passion that can be seen right out of the box and that you will enjoy for many years.


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"Luxury Wax Paste Neutral"

50ml of wax can with easy opener. It’s a high quality wax paste can with a side-mounted easy opening mechanism for it conservation. It’s an outstanding item to polish the shoes. It contains excellent colour pigments and a high shine wax to leave your shoes well coloured and protected. This luxury paste polish has been used professionally by shoe makers since 1925.

It’s specially used to gloss the shoes after using the Saphir cream. We recommend to clean all the dirt or dusts before applying the luxury paste of Medaille d’Or.
Do not apply the paste excessively. And using a cotton cloth or a bristle brush in small rotational motions will be even more effective. Let it dry and finally polish with a wool cloth or with a shine brush.

The luxury paste of Saphir Medaille d’Or it’s composed of three wax formula:

- Animal Wax: beewax (more than 8.9% of wax), nourishes and softens the leather.
- Vegetable Wax:  carnauba wax provides a long last gloss and repellent protection to the shoes.
-Mineral Wax: protects and waterproofs the leather. This wax was dissolved with a natural dissolvent: The turpentine. (Oily solvent that nourishes the leather) It’s an hydrocarbon that cleans the leather and grease it at the same time

"On the border between the most demanding dress code and the casual looks"

The Dublin is the classic english boot for all the seasons of the year. Perfect for a stylish look for the business man, no matter the time of the year, this ankle boot for man is color mocca, handmade in Spain, with authentic Goodyear Welted rubber sole, combines perfectly with semi casual looks and dress outfits. This is all thanks to the Oxford construction and the brogue that adorns the surface.

This model moves along the border of the most exigent dress code and casual outfits. With suit pants, The Dublin reminds of a classic Oxford shoe, which can give the use same as the classic shoes. However, with slim fit pants, slightly rolled up to reveal the shaft of the boot, you will get a more casual look.

This is a balmoral boot made following an artisanal process following a Goodyear Welted construction. This system gives the boot the comfort, flexibility and durability, with a superior guarantee of quality while isolating their feet from the cold and heat. Cut with premium box calf and mounted on our last Wellesley, so we get a shoe slightly wider and sharper cutting edge. The inside of the boot is lined in calf leather vegetable tanned. Moreover, with our patented FlexiComfort we guarantee convenience and adaptability.

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