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For this shoe, our shoemakers will follow a strict artisanal process that guarantees the highest quality to fabricate a shoe that represents the best spanish shoe tradition and the English classicism.

To maintain this quality standard manufacture, each pair of shoes follows a very careful process during 45 - 55 working days, in which we have as a result an unique and exclusive product.

We are aware that the wait can bee too prolonged, but only one product that is fabricated with such love and care, following an artisanal tradition inherited from generations, results in shoes with a soul and passion that can be seen right out of the box and that you will enjoy for many years.


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"Black Applicator Brush"

Are you taking care of your shoes propertly? Do you use products of the best quality?

The Saphir Black Applicator Brush, with 18cm length of waxed wooden handle and made from natural boar bristles is especially made to clean and polish leather shoes. They are made of 100% black naturals bristles to apply luxurious Saphir’s dark colors cream on any leather shoes.

You can use this brush alongside with the Luxury Wax Paste Black or any paste in dark colors. Being the perfect tool for aplying shoe cream on your shoes. The brush is made from exotic wood and quality boar hair (in the color black). 

They are ideal for accessing difficult to reach areas such as the shoe welt. Shinning your shoes only should take a few minutes, and don't forget to do this once in a while.

The procedure you will need to do is this:

- Brush off any dirt, stains, salt or dust. Make sure the shoe is totally clean and perfect to brush. If the shoe is dry, you will need to wait for it to dry completely before continuing.
- Use a little bit of wax and then use the brush, giving circles with the wax along side to the shoe. Never use a big quantity of product, it can damage your shoes.
- Use your brush to polish and remove any imperfection of the shoe.
- Use an old t-shirt in order to give a little bit of shine.

"Pass from an elegant look to a casual one without changing shoes"

We present to you this model The Philadelphia, our smooth mocca or dark brown Oxford, handmade in Spain in box calf of the best quality. A versatile shoe that will let you go from a serious and elegant look to a more casual look without the need of switching into another pair of shoes. It is lightly more informal than our classic black Oxford The Chicago, it will allow you to give a different touch to your usual office wardrobe with a yet unobtrusive touch the least.

This dark brown or mocca classic Oxford is a versatile choice, at the same time elegant, that will allow you to skip from formal office looks to more casual looks in the blink of an eye. The Philadelphia is perfect for work environments where is necessary to wear a suit, but its versatility makes them perfect to also combine them with denim, chinos or tweed.

The Philadelphia is a shoe made in first quality box calf, hand-sewn following a Blake construction. Mounted on our Churchill last and we obtain a slightly wider shoe and a sharper tip. The leather sole has a non-slip rubber embedded Spy, which will get that rainy days won’t be a problem anymore. In addition, our patented FlexiComfort system will absorb the weight of the foot making your feet comfortable and you won’t pay the bill for the long days at the office.

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